We are a licensed and insured family owned and operated business based out of Harrisonburg, VA. Thank you for your interest in our services and we look forward to hearing from you & to be able to assist with your family’s cleaning needs. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time cleaning options for our one time & recurring clients. We also offer, one time deep cleans, move-in/move out clean, market ready, carpet & tile cleaning, stripping, waxing, commercial janitorial plus so much more!!!  

For recurring services, an initial deep clean is required* to get your home/office to a good baseline, then a standard maintenance service is provided thereafter. We take pride in our thorough standard maintenance service in addition, most of our deep cleaning tasks get rotated with every cleaning appointment included within your quote. Add on services can be inquired about directly with us. 

 Initial deep cleans are a must for recurring clients even if you have had another company service your home/office prior. They cannot be waived.  


 We at Coast 2 Coast Cleaning System’s LLC are making every effort to keep business as usual in the safest way possible. If anyone in our team or our families seem to show any type of symptoms prior to or at your appointment your service will be cancelled and rescheduled to a later time for your protection. We ask that you do the same if anyone in your family shows COVID-19 symptoms for the protection of our families and our other clients. Social distancing, we ask that homeowners and their families maintain a good social distance from the cleaning technicians as they are working in your home. If families cannot leave for the duration of the cleaning, we understand and ask that you and your family will remain on opposite side of the home or opposite floor level then switch. 

 How do I get a quote? We will schedule an in-home estimate visit for a time that works best for you and us. At the home visit we will discuss your needs and priorities and take notes. A customized quote and task list will be given to you or we may have to have them emailed to you within 1-3 business days. Your quote is based on the condition of your home at the time of the walk-though, this may get reassessed if things appear to have changed at the time of your cleaning appointments. No quotes can be given over the phone.  

 What happens if I am not satisfied with my cleaning? It is inevitable that we sometimes make mistakes and can miss things. We believe that excellent communication is key and ask that you let us know of any mistakes right away, we will make every effort to return within 24 hours to correct it.  Please note that no refunds will be issued. We cannot re-clean rooms once family members or pets have resumed the use of the areas after cleaning is done or during the cleaning appointment. Customers with pets are asked to please be mindful of pet hair that may be in areas of the cleaned spaces. (We cannot be Heald responsible for pet hair/pet items in work space). Rooms and areas with doors that are found closed will be assumed are not desired to be cleaned that day.  



What if I want to change my services? You are welcome to let us know in advance if changes need to be made to your service. Price will be adjusted accordingly. Add-ons need to be requested 48 hours in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you for your next cleaning. We do not allow any substitutions.  

What do we need to do to prepare for a cleaning? Having your home picked up and clutter put away is the most helpful thing you can do the day before a cleaning. The less time we must spend picking up clutter and moving it out of the way, the more time we can devote to thoroughly cleaning your floors and accessible surfaces. If a surface or floor has excess clutter on it, we may need to skip it until your next cleaning date.  

Kitchen: Counters cleared of food, dishes, and cookware. Sink emptied of dirty dishes. 

Common Living Areas: Floors picked up of toys, trash, shoes, blankets. End tables and coffee tables: Cleared of dishes, trash, and food.  

Bathrooms: Counters and tubs cleared of excess toiletries and bath toys. A toilet brush in good working condition must be made available in each bathroom to avoid cross contamination thought out the home and our equipment.  

Toilets: Toilets that have not been flushed will only be cleaned on the exterior, we cannot be certain that there are not any plumbing issues that would cause the toilet to overflow.  

Bedrooms: Toys, clothing and shoes picked up off the floors. Dressers needing dusting: Cleared of any excess clutter. If beds are being made, please have them stripped and clean linens left on the bed, (this is an extra fee task).  

Pets and family members, we promise we are pet & family friendly & we look forward to seeing them each time but coming in and out and using areas as we are cleaning causes us to have to backtrack and pause, this hinders the flow of the cleaning and slows us down. We cannot re-clean rooms once family members & pets have resumed their use nor can we offer a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee of a home where family members & pets have been present and using the rooms during the cleaning. If children and pets are in the home during the cleaning, please keep them in an opposite side of the home where the cleanings team is working. 

 We do also currently provide pet waste clean-up, human/pet bodily fluids clean up, this is considered a biohazard cleaning service, we have all the special certifications plus more to be as safe as possible. (This is an extra fee task 


                 How do I pay? Payment must be made by end of day on your appointment/service day. We currently accept cash, check (with approval), Venmo, net 30 invoicing (with approval) or phone/in person credit card. These are subject to a processing fee of 4%. A $25 late fee will be added each day of nonpayment the next day after your appointment at 9am. All Returned checks will have a $50 service fee added. Please make checks payable to Coast 2 Coast Cleaning System’s LLC. We reserve the right to not accept checks from any customer for any reason, must have prior approval for all checks or net 30 payments.  


Cancelations we ask that you cancel or reschedule any upcoming appointments as soon as you know of any events conflicting with your cleaning date and time, but no less than 24 hours. If a cancellation occurs within less than 24 hours you may receive an invoice for $25 for your cleaning fee plus card processing fee of 4% for that date and must be paid before your next cleaning appointment. If a series of multiple cancellation occur, we will assume you are forfeiting your place in our calendar and we may choose to give it to someone else from our waiting list in your place. We may re schedule your cleaning. If we do, we will call you with your new date & time. We try & be as flexible as we can & we ask the same of you.  

Lock Out/Not being able to enter the home for any given reason. Any lockout incidents you will be billed for the full amount of your scheduled cleaning appointment plus card processing fee of 4%. This must be paid before your next cleaning.  

How do we stay in touch with you? We are so glad you asked! We love staying in touch.  

You can call/text, email  

You will receive text/email updates from us occasionally with any info we feel clients need to know. You can also follow us on Facebook @coast2coastcleaningllc. for news, updates, tips, and giveaways.  

Call or text us 540-705-5555  

Phone calls/texts will be returned within 8 hrs. 

 Email: Service@Coast2CoastCleaningllc.com 

We appreciate each one of you and look forward to a long-lasting professional relationship with you and your family!  

David & Elizabeth Hamlin, Owners  

Coast 2 Coast Cleaning System’s LLC 






Is Coast 2 Coast Cleaning System's LLC more expensive than traditional cleaning companies?

No, our rates are the most competitive in all of the Rockingham area.


Will I have the same cleaning professional each visit?

We make every effort to send the same team each time. We know how important it is to have someone you know and trust to take care of your home. However, from time to time we may have to make substitutions due to vacations or illness. However, we let our customers know in advance if there is a change.


What’s the risk with hiring an individual cleaning person?

Unfortunately, the risks associated with certain types of cleaning services are not generally known by the public. There is an enormous difference in hiring a professional house cleaning company vs. hiring an individual. A professional cleaning service offers the assurance that you are opening your home to a reliable company that is responsible for any liability.

An individual who is hired under the table is a serious risk if they are hurt or disabled on your property. Since they are not covered by insurance, there is a possibility that they may sue you for lost wages, damages, or medical costs.

Technically, hiring an individual makes you an employer, which means you can be held liable for injury claims, worker’s compensation, insurance, and unemployment insurance. It’s important to review your home liability insurance to make sure it covers service people in case of injury and to notify your insurer of the relationship. If you hire an individual and they do not pay employment taxes, you, as the legal employer, can be held liable for the taxes due to the IRS. Hiring a company that pays taxes and has insurance protects you!


Is Coast 2 Coast Cleaning Systm's LLC bonded and insured?

Coast 2 Coast Cleaning System's LLC is bonded, insured & we are fully registered with the state. We will be glad to provide you a copy of our 2-million-dollar insurance policy or the phone number so you can call direct to request proof of our insurance and bonding.

Unfortunately, many “cleaning companies” do not carry liability insurance. If your belongings are damaged (and accidents do happen on occasion), you will have no easy compensation recourse.

Our $2 Million Dollar Insurance Coverage also protects you even further to Safeguard against accidental damage, Loss and/or theft. Most cleaning companies DO NOT have the proper insurance to cover the customers. 


Do you offer a discount for referrals?

Yes indeed. Customer referrals are the most important part of our business. It’s a reflection of our customer’s satisfaction with the quality of our services.

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