• SUICIDE CLEANUP Our teams are compassionate and discreet when providing remediation services.
  • CRIME SCENE CLEANUP When the police and coroner leave, we sanitize and recover scenes. 
  • BLOOD SPILL CLEAN UP Blood carries disease. We ensure it is cleaned up quickly and safely.
  • HOARDING CLEAN UP We help hoarders get their homes back in order and their lives back on track.
  • DECOMPOSITION/ UNDISCOVERED DEATH Decomposition is a job for the professionals as it creates a hazardous environment.
  • MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL We properly transport and dispose of all biohazard and medical waste. 
  • EMERGENCY VEHICLE DECONTAMINATION Coast 2 Coast handles emergency vehicle decontamination and sanitation.
  • ODOR REMOVAL Coast 2 Coast uses a special equipment to rid odors in your home.
  • TEARGAS CLEANUP Teargas is a sticky substance that leaves residue on everything if not properly removed.
  • MOLD/WATER REMEDIATION Mold & Water can cause serious health concerns through airborne pathogens when left alone.
  • RODENT DROPPINGS Rodent removal does not always include cleanup. Bio-One comes in to finish the job.
  • FECES/URINE CLEANUP Fecal matter from both people and animals is dangerous and must be cleaned up properly.
  • SEWAGE BACKUPS Sewage backups can cause foul odor and harmful diseases if left untouched. 
  • HOMELESS ENCAMPMENT CLEANUP Our teams are trained to properly remediate and decontaminate the areas.

Plus, so much more.

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